Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"Let's pull a prank!!" I said to my buddies.

My family had just moved to a small town, the day before I began the fourth grade. It didn't take me long to form a little gang. Immediately, we got into some fun, yet risky adventures.

We decided to pull our first prank at City Hall. It housed the police and fire stations, city offices, the library, and a large multi-purpose room in the basement. 

That night was the annual Harvest Dinner in the multi-purpose room. The coolest part of the prank was that it was in the same building as the police!! 

Our plan was to toss a smoke bomb and a stink bomb into the dinner.

We executed the activity as follows:

First, Calvin would tie the door closed so nobody could get through it, unless someone forced it or broke it down.

Second, Tom and I would position ourselves at the window that looked down into the dinner.
Third, we would wait until everyone was well into their meal.

Fourth, Tom and I would each toss a bomb into the dinner.
"You ready Tom?" I whispered.

"Sure am, George!" Tom responded. I hoped Tom could handle it. He was really clumsy!

"On three!" I announced with authority.
"ONE---TWO---THREE-------TOSS!!!'" I commanded Tom, quietly.
I tossed my smoke bomb, then Tom tossed his stink bomb.

When the people saw them, they were alarmed. They were too confused to even think of the fire extinguisher.
In seconds, the bombs really started smoking the room up!!
An old geezer screeched, "Martha, get me my respirator!"
"Get me out of here!!" Some people bawled.
"I can't stand it!" Others whined.

"Who farted?" Some wise-guy smirked, trying to inject some humor.
One obese, old lady started heaving, and I worried that we would end up in trouble.

The most aggressive and selfish person made sure he would be the first one out the door. He tried, but he couldn't get the door opened. He yanked, but the door yanked back.

"I wonder if someone did this on purpose?" Some complete moron asked.
"I think someone burned some food in the kitchen!" Some idiot guessed.

"No, it's some kids pulling their pranks tonight." Officer Rod Mitchell explained.

"My partner and I will arrest them." Craig Barnes, his partner said. The rookie annoyed the CRUD out of Rod.
"Everybody, get back from the door!!" Rod, the cop commanded loudly.
"I'm kicking it open!" He yelled again.
Then Rod, the street cop, forced the door, so everyone could get through.
The people trampled each other to get out of the room.
Finally, the people could see and breathe normally. Some throats and eyes were irritated a little.
Immediately sirens blared, and 3 cop cars speedily went off in 3 different directions.
"The cops are coming!" Yelled Cal. I was furious that he was doing my job. I'll pound him!
"Run for it!" I screamed to my gang, regaining my authority and control.
"This is the best cat-and-mouse chase ever!" I thought to myself, excitedly.
We ran down streets, yards, and alley ways. We crawled under cars and fences. We climbed trees, walls, and into the windows of buildings. We hid below or behind anything that would give us cover.

There were so many dogs that revealed our movements! Cal actually got bit and went home early.
The cops always seemed to know where we were headed. Each of us was almost caught!!
But that's what made this so fun!!! The risk.
The cops must have finally given up the chase, because after two hours the sirens quit blaring. I went home and went to bed, dog tired.

I couldn't stop laughing. The best part of the entire drama, was when the guy said:


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