Wednesday, April 23, 2014

THE BOSS FROM (you know where)

"You'd better raise $10,000 by Friday, or you're fired!"

My boss said. He was meaner than Beelzebub himself.

Frederick Madison was the president of an organization that trained youth to be leaders.

He hired me to be a Youth Development Councilor. "Awesome!" I thought.

But actually, I was a fundraiser. "Yuk!"

"Frederick rules like Attila the Hun." Mike, my trainer said. "Everybody hates him."
There were twenty five volunteers that actually ran the programs. They were the ones who worked with the youth. They freely gave their time because they loved the youth, the activities, and the cause.

There were four of us who were known as the "professionals." We received salaries and benefits for our employment. The volunteers hated us!

"We don't need you paid "professionals!" They proclaimed. "We can run a successful youth-development program without you. More successful."


It was my job to collect donations from the volunteers to pay our salaries.
The volunteers did not want to pay for Frederick Madison's huge salary and his luxuries.

They also had a hostile attitude towards the rest of us, because we represented Madison, and because we too drew salaries. I was called names, threatened, and thrown out of meetings.

"I'm stuck between my boss and the volunteers!" I bawled to Mom as we talked on the phone. "I need a new job. This one is a lose-lose."
"Honey, you've got to watch your blood pressure!" Amy said. Actually, she was more concerned than I was.
One day, we had a staff meeting. We went to Frederick's Country Club for lunch.
Frederick ordered a very-expensive sandwich. It had avocados, alfalfa spouts, and other delicious items.
When the waiter brought the sandwich, my boss became furious and he SCREECHED:
"What do you think I am? A blankety-blank COW!!!?"
"Get that blankety-blank GRASS off my sandwich!!!!" 
I'm pretty sure the waiter hated Attila as much as the rest of us did!

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